My mother started calling me “citizen of the world” a while back, probably when she realised that I feel at home in many different places. And I truly do.

While travelling I have learn, grown and challenged myself and I love writing a journal while I’m doing that. The main reason why I started was to remember all the places, I am very bad with names and I wanted a base to recall them all, but once I was at it I started noting down thoughts, impressions and fun stories that happened along the way.

I think the very first journal I ever wrote was in Greece when I was 13 years old. Since then, in a way or another, I have always written about my trips. I never pack a notebook though; instead I spend the first days finding something where I can write my temporary diary: sometimes it is the complimentary notepads of the hotel, once a colouring book for kids and many times loose pieces of paper that I put together only later.

I like to think of all this journals as special guides and I realised lately that I would love to share them.