Beside this selection of final products, I work on consultancy and idea definition.

I’m most proud of my clients when they use my guidelines to develop their own project and I enjoy the complexity behind the definition of an idea: getting inspired and giving inspiration can be a very satisfying part of the process.


I always start by asking my clients what their needs are and I encourage them to express their ideas in the most clear and complete way. Once practical terms are archived and listed, I ask them how they want these things to get done and if they are not sure about direction and style, I would challenge them with questions to make them think.
From this moment on, we can start brainstorming together. To help this process, I generally create a folder of inspirations where we can share our ideas.

Then, depending on the kind of project, the process can vary quite a lot, but there are anyway constant elements: back and forth of communication, quick visualizations to express our thoughts, presentations of options to better understand the possibilities and validate the best ideas and research of optimal products.