24hours in Pavia

When you are in your late late twenties, your closest girlfriends are living completely different lives in completely different places; it’s difficult to meet up. We decided that it was time to make it a spontaneous visit; we sat on a Saturday all together in front of our laptops and booked for the coming weekend to meet up in Pavia.

For the first time in my life I booked a 24hours back and forth flight and it turned out to be, at least, possible! Future holiday planning is surely going to be affected by this discovery.

For the first time in my life I also didn’t have anything prepared for a place where I had never been: no highlights to see, no places where to stop and surely no curiosities to retrace once on location.

The plan for to simply enjoy this precious time together and I have to admit that Pavia didn’t sound worth a research to start with. But I have to say that once there I had to change my mind: it’s a vibrant, extremely young city, with thick fog in the morning and lively city center at night.

That’s the reason why I am going to do my research now and plan another trip, including all the girls’ catch up and baby talk.