From my experience very few people know about the Rotterdampas and, now that I have been a member for years, I can say that it’s a shame.

The Rotterdampas is basically a yearly membership to Rotterdam. It costs 60 euros and it’s valid from March to March and it guarantees free entrances to cultural events and city activities, discounts at restaurants and cafes and much more.

Strangely enough, there is very few information about the Rotterdampas in English and I almost can’t believe that the official website doesn’t have an English version. I don’t remember how I was originally introduced to it, but I quickly became a fan and promoter of it. It’s true that it’s not cheap and it may feel like a useless extra, but I can promise you that if you like being active and connected with the city this is one of the best ways.

On the Rotterdampas website there is the full updated list of activities that fall under the membership, but I would like to point out a couple that where the biggest selling point for me: free museums in Rotterdam (but also some in Delft, Schiedam and Den Haag), free first entrance to all the cinemas and discounts for all the following screenings, reductions to all the city activities like Spido tours, visits to the zoo or tickets to the theater and promotions on special meals at different restaurants and cafes.

It’s needless to say that you have to be active to actually have financial benefit out of it, but I actually think that the fact that the Rotterdampas pushes you to do things is a great thing in itself. It encourages me to be active in the city, explore new places and keep updated with exhibitions, cultural events, new cafes in town and random activities.

I think it’s simply a very good incentive to bond with the city.


As for everything else in this country, the easiest way to buy the Rotterdampas is by ordering it online, if instead you prefer human contact, there is a Rotterdampas desk at the ground floor of the public library in Blaak.

If you have the Rotterdampas as well and have discovered nice activities thanks to it, don’t hesitate to share them with us!


originally written for Rotterdammer Girls