Easter in Rotterdam

Easter in the Netherlands can be an exceptional experience if you are celebrating it here as an expat or you are travelling for the holidays.

As you can imagine Easter weekend has a different pace than any other weekend and …



From my experience very few people know about the Rotterdampas and, now that I have been a member for years, I can say that it’s a shame.

The Rotterdampas is basically a yearly membership to Rotterdam. It costs 60 euros …

let’s talk about the PAP test

While the Dutch healthcare system doesn’t really advertise prevention, it does offer a PAP test (or the unpronounceable “uitstrijkje”) to women aged 30 to 60.

This exam is performed by a doctor to test for cervical cancer in women and

instemmingen, this unknown

Coming from Italy I had never thought I would have so many cultural shocks when moving to the Netherlands, but I was wrong and instemmingen were definitely one of them.

Like everybody else, finding accommodation was my priority, as well