winter break in London

When I started planning this trip to London I hadn’t realized how many people I know in the city and it became quite quickly the best occasion to catch up with as many of them as possible.

By the past …

only in Rotterdam

If you are visiting Rotterdam chances are that you are travelling around the Netherlands and will pass by for just a couple of days.

For everybody, people who just arrived in the city or the ones that have been living …

let’s talk about the PAP test

While the Dutch healthcare system doesn’t really advertise prevention, it does offer a PAP test (or the unpronounceable “uitstrijkje”) to women aged 30 to 60.

This exam is performed by a doctor to test for cervical cancer in women and


sustainable traveller

2019 started and I hadn’t even written a list of resolutions when I suddenly realized that I just wanted to be more involved in things happening around me.

I had been reading Factfulness and, besides being a good or bad …